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New mural added to the 'original heart' of Cayce

The mural by Ija Charles is the newest addition to an area the city is looking to bring back to life.

CAYCE, S.C. — A new mural has been added in the City of Cayce, right off State Street in the historic Cayce Art District.

For about a year now, the city has been looking for artists to paint several murals on the south end of State Street as they continue to bring the area back to life.

"It's got such great bones," said City of Cayce Mayor Elise Partin. "There's still people who live here in the city that remember coming down here to the original city hall. They remember coming down here to the movie theater and the men's clothing store."

The new mural is located right by the Riverwalk Entrance on Railroad Avenue.

"This one is unique and special just like the other ones," said Mayor Partin. "I just love this space." 

The mayor said at the State Fair last year, she came across an art piece that captivated her.

"That sense of wonder and joy and excitement. We've seen it in kids' faces, whether it's Christmas morning or just a delight at a humming bird or butterfly. I just could not stop looking at that sweet face," explained Mayor Partin.

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This piece by Ija Charles is the newest addition to the area the city is looking to bring back to life.

"It really embodies the sense of wonder that's here through all the wonderful nature that we have, our history, our community and Ija could not have done a more amazing job of capturing some of the historic pieces in our city and an absolutely stunning sense of joy and wonder in her face," explained the mayor.

While the city has been focusing on the revitalization of this area, Mayor Elise Partin says the pandemic hasn't slowed it down.

"Yes, of course there's been some impact, more so on the restaurants but Dialed Bicycles opened up just about a month or two ago in the middle of the pandemic and they are doing a booming business," said Mayor Partin. "It is nice to see there's still energy and excitement and good things that are happening even in the middle of this pandemic."

The city plans on adding more art pieces such as sculptures in the art district soon.

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