Kershaw, SC - (WLTX) Weather conditions like snow and ice can cause schools to close but in Kershaw county school administrators are making sure students don't miss any learning days with a new program called E-Learning.

Students arrived at school comfortable, dressed in their pjs as if they were at home as they began to learn the online program.

Betsy Burr, a first grade teacher at Jackson Elementary, who has been working closely with bringing together the program tells us what the goal of the online program.

Burr says, "We're going to be able to use these E-learning days to be able to allow these students to take these devices home and be able to do their learning from home when weather is bad." She goes on to say, "They will be able to take their devices home, watch their lessons, and then the teacher will be able to push their lessons to them. They'll be able to watch them and re-watch them if they need a refresher and they can do it at their own pace and take breaks when they need we're able to meet all their needs and still not miss any class."

Aimee Nesbitt, a first grade teacher spoke about what it's like to teach through E-Learning and how it is to not be in the same space as her students. She says, "Anytime you're not with your own just always want to make sure they're okay but they've been doing a great job with the video chat for their gmail and asking questions."

But the question is does it work for students?

Third grader Reese Hornsby shared her favorite part of E-Learning and discussed the difference between online and the traditional format. Hornsby says, "When the teacher is in front of takes longer for us to know what's happening because kids have so many questions so she has a lot to answer but for the E-Learning we don't have to wait as long we can do it at our own pace."

The faculty believes this will not only be helpful for inclement weather but also in cases when students are sick or go home.