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New restaurants, businesses coming to southeast Columbia

Franchisees tell News 19 the first Dave's Hot Chicken in the state will open on June 16 on Devine Street.

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Parts of Columbia are undergoing a transformation with new developments, relocations, and closures, including a veterinarian clinic, a Mexican restaurant's move, and a hot chicken chain debut, while questions arise about a building on Beltline Boulevard. 

Residents will notice a lot of construction activity and new developments driving down Garners Ferry Road toward Cross Hill Market in Columbia.

They'll also hear construction equipment powered up and on the move at Fort Jackson Boulevard as the complex behind Cross Hill Market comes alive. 

"Shortly after they left, construction started and we have a building next door now, so it's been going very quick," Brandee Langley said.

Langley owns the hair studio next door. 

According to the Veterinary Emergency Group in Charlotte, a new veterinarian clinic is on its way to Columbia.

"They're working very diligently over there. Even in the rain," Langley said.

As previously reported in March, the Mexican restaurant Moctezuma, which used to be on Fort Jackson Boulevard, will also relocate to the former Lizard's Thicket on Beltline Boulevard. 

On Devine Street, Smash Burger closed its doors months ago, but will now be home to some Nashville-style hot chicken at, Dave's Hot Chicken, a popular chain making its South Carolina debut. The CEO of MPZ Holdings, the franchise-holding company, is Kal Gullapalli.

"You'll see there's lines out the door every single time corporate opens one of these locations up and we see no difference with Columbia because we're already getting tremendous amount of inquiries about when are we going to open, when are we going to open and we're super excited to finally open," Gullapalli said.

They're aiming for an opening date of June 16.  

From hot chicken on Devine toward Beltline, at the intersection of Beltline and Devine, is a building with a sign in the window with a stop work notice. It reads there's no permit for install of hood or cooking appliances. The document displayed was issued in January of this year. 

In 2021, News19 reported a Lexington steak restaurant was opening a new location here, but right now the property sits vacant.

News19 reached out to the city of Columbia to learn more about what this place will become, but we have not heard back yet.


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