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Super discount store opens in Columbia

Crazy Cazboy's is a bargain hunter's dream. The store sells all kinds of merchandise.

COLUMBIA, S.C. — A new discount retail store called Crazy Cazboy's just opened in Columbia, and it has customers buzzing. 

The owner, John Cassimus, describes the retail membership-based store as Black Friday, every day.

"We're a Large liquidation company," said Cassimus. "We have a warehouse in Ohio and Alabama. What we do is buy thousands of truckloads a month. Then we turn around and take that product and sell it in lots of different ways. One of those ways in Crazy Cazboy's."

To shop in the store, you have to download the app. Then customers go through the bins to find merchandise for a bargain. All items are sold based on the reflective days' price point, and the store closes on Thursday to restock with new merchandise. 

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"On Friday, everything is $7," said Cassimus. "Anything you see in the bins is $7. Tomorrow it's going to be $5, Sunday it goes to $3, Monday $2, Tuesday $1, and on Wednesday, the entire store is 25 cents."

Crazy Cazboy's is located next to the Walmart Shopping plaza on Forrest Drive.  

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