Newberry County, SC (WLTX) -- After the Newberry County Sheriff heard about another mass shooting, this time in California, he took a message to social media. First posting on Facebook to keep all law enforcement and those victims in everyone's prayers, but also mentioned how difficult it is to find and keep LEO's.

“It doesn't matter that you live in one of the safest places," Newberry County Sheriff Lee Foster said. "This community was one of the safest places in California. Right here in Newberry County, one of the safest places in South Carolina, it doesn't’t matter because it can happen anywhere."

Foster said after another senseless shooting taking the lives of multiple victims, including a Sheriff SGT. it hits too close to home for him.

“So many of these things the victims are going to places for enjoyment, whether it be a synagogue or a club," Foster said. "And unfortunately this was college night there and we have a little college here in our town and have places that kids congregate.”

Foster said that in Newberry they spend hours practicing and training in active shooter drills, but said the community also needs to be prepared.

“To be a rational human being you need to figure out, if I go in there and something goes wrong how am I going to get out? And always keep in mind that the way you went in might not be the way you need to go out,” Foster said.

Foster took to Facebook after he heard what happened in California. As he keeps those victims in his prayers, he also said incidents like this play a roll in finding and keeping LEO's on the job.

"Law enforcement ever since Columbine and moving forward as we’ve gotten worse, progressively we have trained differently," Foster said. "And to where if there is gun fire especially in a crowded place you don’t wait for help. The police officers go straight in and this officer did as he was trained.”

Foster said he cannot stress enough how important it is for everywhere you go to look around and check for exits. He said not to be scared, but always be prepared and have an exit strategy for all situations.