ORANGEBURG, S.C. — The staff at the Dukes-Harley funeral home spent the day celebrating men and women in law enforcement. 

In honor of National Police week, the funeral home hosted their 6th Annual Law Enforcement cookout. 

Officers and personnel from the county sheriff’s office, department of public safety to South Carolina Highway Patrol and many others came together to fellowship, receive gifts and to be thanked for their service.

Jay Hutto, co-funeral director at Dukes-Harley funeral home describes why his team has a passion for putting on this event. "They’re almost the unsung heroes everyday they’re putting their life on the line and this is just something we thought, we could do this and so let’s have a luncheon" says Hutto. 

Orangeburg county Sheriff Leroy Ravenell, has been attending the event for years and details how special it makes him feel. 

Ravenell says, "It’s not often we get this sort of treatment and so for Mr. Hutto and his staff here we just want to thank him and we appreciate all they do for us and law enforcement all over Orangeburg."