LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — For those of us who have added pets to our households – we’ve often been required to pay a list of fees accompanied with those animals.

It made one viewer wonder: are landlords allowed to require a pet deposit for support dogs?

According to Jacquelyn Alexander with the Arkansas Fair Housing Commission, they're not. 

“Landlords aren’t allowed to give them any pet deposits, charge pet rent or charge any additional fees for the assistance animal,” Alexander said.

Under the Fair Housing Act, any person with a mental or physical disability cannot be turned away from housing with their certified service animal or emotional support animal. 

These animals aren’t considered pets. They’re an extension of the person with a disability.

At no point can a person with a disability be asked to show proof or say what their disability is.

“They’re not allowed to have any written request on the assistance animal but they can verbally ask. They can ask if the service animal is related to a disability, that’s it.”

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