Every month on the 19th News 19 introduces a breast cancer survivor. This month's survivor is a Lexington County woman who said she found purpose through her battle with breast cancer. But her journey started with frustration but ended with peace.

"Powerful, I did it, I can do it, I will make it, I'm a special person, I'm a strong person," Janie Lakin said.

Those words Janie Lakin used used to describe a survivor, now that she is one. But back in May 2010 those words weren't the first to come to mind. In the spring nearly eight in a half years ago Lakin was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer.

"I had major back surgery. I had a spinal fusion and I was in the hospital for seven days and I got out that Sunday and that Tuesday I was sitting around in the den and I felt a lump in my breast," Lakin said. "And at that point I made a decision to go to my gynecologist to go check it out."

After many test and scans Lakin received a call she never wanted to.

"I heard what I didn't want to hear and she said yes it is cancer and I immediately looked to the right, I looked to left, but the thing about it is I felt like the timing was of the essence because I felt like if God can deal with me and my back he will take care of this breast cancer."

A long road lay ahead for Lakin, but not only was she battling cancer she was also re-learning how to walk after the back surgery.

"As I went through this journey I started feeling angry, but I looked at why, why you feeling this way? Why? And I looked at that and I learned from that and I decided to step back and embrace my new norm," Lakin said. "I stand here today being eight one and a half year breast cancer survivor and it has been an awesome journey. A journey of gaining a new perspective on life."

Now she always lives in the moment and says sharing her story is a new way of healing.

"It's all a part of my journey it's a part of my life," Lakin said.

The lesson learned throughout her journey was to always step back and make your health a priority.

"Take care of yourself learn from yourself because you cant give others what you don't have and the more you take care of yourself the more you are able to help others, the more you are able to help your family members and friends," Lakin said.

Lakin leaves a message for all those struggling with difficult times.

"Always know that you are special and that you are loved," Lakin said.

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