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Breast cancer clinical trials at Lexington Oncology show promise

Clinical trials taking place at Lexington Oncology show promise for breast cancer patients

COLUMBIA, S.C. — It's been almost three years since Melissa Tyler was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer.  Tyler's story is filled with twists and turns.  She says she had her first mammogram at 40 and never missed her annual exam.  When she was 47, she had her exam in July but by September she knew something wasn't right.  While in the shower, Tyler felt the lump that would be diagnosed as breast cancer.

Her treatment involved chemotherapy, radiation, a double mastectomy and multiple surgeries. Through it all, Tyler says that she found the strength to survive through her family, friends, colleagues and the care she received at Lexington Oncology.

The type of cancer Tyler was treated for and her outcome made her an ideal candidate for a clinical trial at Lexington Oncology.  For 2 years, Tyler participated in the trial that used a drug that had previously been used for stage 4 breast cancer patients.  Kate Madden is the clinical research coordinator at Lexington Oncology.  She says that Tyler is one of 6,000 patients worldwide who participated in the study that has shown promising results so far.  Tyler is also signed up for a different study through Lexington Medical Center that is testing the impact of aspirin on breast cancer survivor.  This is also a long term study.  

Health care experts agree that early detection is the key to receiving life saving treatments when diagnosed with breast cancer.  Talk to your doctor or health care provider about the right time for you to begin having your annual mammogram.