COLUMBIA, S.C. — Delores Stamper is likely the first person you'll talk to if you drive up to the gate or call Saluda Shoals Park.  She's a New Jersey native, but she's been an employee at the park for more than 20 years.  Stamper says she's done everything from help run camps for kids to assist during the Christmas lights display.  

Her breast cancer survivor story begins with her dedication to her health.  Stamper's mother lived to be 95 years old.  She attributes her good health and long life to her genetics and the fact that she always eats something green every day.  Last February after her annual mammogram she received a call that there was something suspicious doctors wanted to look at closer.  A 3D mammogram at Lexington Medical Center showed a spot that was only 5 millimeters.  It was an area that was too small for Stamper to feel.  She would have never known it was there if not for the images that doctors were able to analyze thanks to the 3D mammogram.  

This is her second battle with cancer.  35 years ago she was diagnosed with bladder cancer.  Stamper says life after a cancer diagnosis means that you notice the beauty of nature more, thank God for every day, and love without hesitation.

She encourages young people to take care of themselves and put their health first.

Doctors say, early detection is the key to saving your life when it comes to breast cancer.  News19's Buddy Call program encourages you to perform your monthly self breast and call and remind a buddy as well.