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Buddy Call19 Survivor on the run, Carrie Morris

18 months after being diagnosed with breast cancer, Carrie Morris ran 48.6 miles to prove to herself she could do it!

COLUMBIA, S.C. — They are the words no woman wants to hear, "you have breast cancer."

It's been about a year and a half since Carrie Morris heard the words.

At 40 years old, the working mom of three believed she was in good health.   She ate right and was feeling pretty good before she hit the medical speedbump that would change her life and change her mind about doing things. 

Her diagnosis came at a time when she was hoping to help save a friend's life.

She had scheduled to go through a screening process to become an organ donor and was getting the necessary tests so she could donate. 

When it came to her mammogram  it showed a mass. 

In order to save her life, her treatment plan would include chemotherapy, radiation and a double mastectomy. 

Many woman at this moment and with that treatment plan might just want to hide under a blanket, but not Morris. 

Just like a second wind during a long race, she says her family was the strength she needed to get through the hardest days. They were there for all the bad and the good. 

Morris needed to feel good. She wanted to do something that would help her to see the strength she still had in her. 

She decided she would race. 

She ran a 48.6 mile race over four days at Walt Disney World.  

It was never her goal to win, she says, she just wanted to finish. 

And finish she did!

For someone like Morris, the medal from the race is a reminder of her strength, but surrounded by family she now feels like she can conquer anything.  

If you want to be cool like Carrie Morris, consult your doctor to schedule your annual mammogram.   

Healthcare professionals say early detection is the key to saving your life when it comes to breast cancer.   

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