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Peer pressure leads to breast cancer diagnosis

Anita Biggers hadn't had a mammogram in over five years when some women from her office went and she decided to go to, and it's a good thing......

COLUMBIA, S.C. — If you were one of the 800 people who attended Lexington Medical Center’s Women’s Night Out event in October you may have seen Anita Biggers on the stage and in the spotlight.

She was one of the of the breast cancer survivors chosen to model and share her story on a bigger platform.  

Biggers was diagnosed with breast cancer on November 1, 2017.  She remembers the day clearly and the fact that it had been five years since her last mammogram.  She admits the only reason she went to one was because the other women in her office were going at that time.

It was a good thing she submitted to the peer pressure.  

Doctors found a mass in her breast that required immediate attention. Biggers says that her physicians told her that if she had not been seen then, she likely would not have survived another year.  Her treatment involved surgery and chemotherapy.  

She remembers losing her hair, being in isolation treatment because of a secondary illness and feeling hopeless.  Biggers says it was during that time her faith wavered and she doubted her recovery.  

It was also during that time her husband, children and church family at Miracle Deliverance Outreach Ministries prayed for her because she was too weak to pray for herself. 

Biggers’s husband lost his mother to breast cancer when he was only 12 years old and he says his wife’s diagnosis brought them closer together. 

Mrs. Biggers says, “He was there for me 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  I didn’t even know he had it in him.  But he cared for me and I love him so much for everything he did and is doing.  He prayed for my healing when I didn’t believe I could be healed.”

Biggers says she tells everyone she knows about the importance of a yearly mammogram.

Doctors and health care experts say early detection is the key to saving your life when it comes to a breast cancer diagnosis.  

That’s why WLTX reminds you every month to perform your monthly breast self-exam and to call your Buddy to remind them to do the same.