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BuddyCall19: Monica Addison, survivor

Sometimes a war isn't won after the first battle. Addison shares her story of beating breast cancer twice.

COLUMBIA, S.C. — When we introduced you to Monica Addison in 2017, she was giving back to a community that she understood more than she ever expected she would.  

In 2015, Addison was diagnosed with breast cancer.  

Doctors found her tumor early and she was using her recovery to encourage others fighting for their life. She did that through words of encouragement, prayers, and bags that she describes as small tokens of love.

Addison puts it very simply when asked about her diagnosis in 2017.  
She said discovering she had breast cancer made her, “learn to appreciate everything. I learned to not take anything for granted.”

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Unfortunately, sometimes wars are not won after just one battle. Last year, Addison was diagnosed with breast cancer again. This time she would be in the fight for her life, without the love of her life.

Her husband passed away in 2020 and she was going to have to find the strength to beat cancer again for herself and for her two children.

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The cancer was in both breast this time. That meant a treatment plan that included a bilateral mastectomy and chemotherapy.

After four rounds of chemotherapy, Addison was once again able to ring the bell that symbolizes the completion of the process.

Just like the first time, she didn’t go through cancer treatment without finding a way to give back.  

Addison was able to supply gifts of love once again to cancer patients thanks to the Girls A+ team at L.W Conder Elementary School, and generous donations from friends and family.  

The small bags include items that are specific to anyone going through treatment and personal items that everyone could use.

Addison says that during difficult times she often reflects on a prayer a friend shared with her, “Lord we didn’t think we’d be here again, but you are here, too.” She also stresses to every woman she speaks with the importance of scheduling an annual mammogram.

Addison says, “Early detection is not just a cliché. It saved my life, twice.”

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