Columbia SC (WLTX)-- Marie Pitt and Laurin Long both have big plans for the future. Both women, understand more than most people the importance of living every day to it's fullest. Pitt and Long are living with stage 4 breast cancer.

Metastatic breast cancer is the most advanced stage of breast cancer.

Even though there are difficult days, they're choosing to live them out celebrating life. Pitt is excited about a trip she has planned for Portugal at the end of the month. Long is marrying her soul mate in March. Both of their dreams are coming true thanks in part to the non profit organization "In the Middle".

Dreams 4 Metas helps Stage IV breast cancer surivvors realize a personal dream. Similar to Make a Wish Foundation for terminally ill children, this organization wants to make dreams a reality. Some survivors may travel, while others may want to have something less extravagant.

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