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Yoga helps Lexington Medical Center cancer patients

Yoga is being used to help patients improve their overall health

LEXINGTON, S.C. — Lexington Medical Center cancer patients know that there's an extra tool available in their fight against the disease. 

 According to yoga instructor Tami Waters, "Gone are the days of no pain, no gain".  Patients who take Waters class know that the most important thing is to understand that yoga is a personal journey and their reward is in listening to their bodies.  

Complimentary fitness classes and specialized personal training at Health Directions are available to patients thanks to funding from the Lexington Medical Center Foundation.

According to health care experts, early detection is the key to saving your life when it comes to breast cancer.  

You should talk to your doctor about your yearly mammogram if you're having concerns about your health. 

 Also, remember to call your buddy on the 19th of every month to remind them to perform their breast self exam.