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Parents talk about being helpless after shooting hoax at high school

An active shooter hoax at Blythewood High school put parents and students on edge.

BLYTHEWOOD, S.C. — Whenever a school lockdown happens, even if it does turn out to be all a hoax, it's a given that parents still have questions and want answers. 

This was the case today for guardians of Blythewood High School students.

Fear, confusion, phone calls and hours of waiting are things nearly every parent, grandparent and sibling of a Blythewood High School student experienced Wednesday.

"Things are different now, times are changing. I hope that with this, what has happened at this school, we get some type of number one, better communication with the parents, number two some better security for the kids," Alexis Griffin a parent said.

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Griffin showed up to the IGA on Blythewood Road, where a reunification site was initially set up. 

She says she called her daughter after hearing students were being moved to the high school stadium. 

"I pray for her mental, I pray for her safety now. I've always done so, but I will do extra hard because we're in trying times right now. So I just want to console my child and talk to her as best I can," Griffin said.

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David Wishert, also in the IGA parking lot, and parent of a junior at Blythewood High School explains his mind immediately went to the worst case scenario. 

"Fear. My oldest daughter called and told me basically what was going on and all I had thoughts of was what was going on in Texas and the incompetence of the police people out there and I was hoping ours wouldn't be the same," Wishert said.

"Immediately your heart drops cause you feel helpless. Your kid is here and you send your kid to school and there's some people out here who aren't living right, that's how I look at it," parent Ontonio Grant said.,

But after law enforcement explained it was all a hoax, parents were thankful, breathing sighs of relief.

"A lot of range of emotions really quickly, but I'm glad everything's okay," Grant said.

According to Richland Two's superintendent, the district is providing extra counseling services to everyone involved in today's events.

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