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How are peaches looking in South Carolina this summer?

A bushel of peaches is averaging around $25 to $30 per bushel.

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Inflation is no secret to consumers around the country, but it is especially evident to farmers and their produce partners at the State Farmer's Market.

Produce sellers say this year we have pricier peaches.

"You know everything has been more expensive for the farmers overall, and that comes out in the cost of what we sell," said produce saleswoman, Madi Delbosque. 

Delbosque has been working at the Farmers Market since the start of the summer and says the produce stand gets their peaches from McLeod Farms in McBee. 

"The price of food has gone up but gas too and the farm is two hours away, and not only that fertilizer has gone up, so our baskets used to be $10 but now they're $25 but we still try to offer people the best deal we can like a 2 for $20 or something like that."

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Another produce seller a few stands down from Delbosque's is Aurora Valadez with Muñoz Farms. Muñoz is all the way in Lake City and is also facing inflation head on.

Valadez says despite the higher prices, people are still coming to pick out their peaches.

"Especially on days like Friday and Saturdays those are our busiest days," Valadez said. "We have white, yellow, and free-stone peaches and they all are good, some are hard, some are soft, and people like them both ways, so they're doing well."

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Eva Moore with The Department of Agriculture assured that there will be plenty of peach ice-cream, milkshakes, and cobbler to go around.

"We had a good crop this year, in early March we did have a freeze that impacted some of the early varieties but they made it through and we actually have had a pretty strong season this year with lots of sweet South Carolina peaches," Moore said.

The Gilbert Peach Festival organizers said there will be plenty of peaches to go around this year at their festival as well.

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