Columbia, SC (WLTX)- Pokemon Go is the most popular app in history. The game is getting praise for its health benefits by getting people outdoors and moving, but it could lead to some health problems.

Juwan Hill has been in on the craze for about a month.

"It's pretty fun. It gets everyone active. I only got into because my friends are playing it," Hill said.

The popular smartphone app is getting gamers off the couch and out into the fresh air, but while it's being praised for getting people to move, it can cause problems for your neck.

Hill said, "I know a bunch of people who do look down that's all they're looking at so I can imagine it's been pretty bad for some people."

Hill sees Dr. Samantha Messina at Vital Chiropractic in Lexington to make sure he doesn't have any problems. Dr. Messina says she's noticed a lot of people spending a lot of time looking down at their phones.

"So that's not a usual position for your neck and it does put extra stress on the structures of your spine and can cause misalignments within that structure," Dr. Messina said.

It's called text neck, problems caused by regularly looking down at your cell phone or a tablet. Dr. Messina says she's now seeing younger patients, while their spine is still developing.

Dr. Messina said, "When the bones shift out of the proper alignment and it puts pressure on those nerves, it can lead to all types of aches, pains and dysfunction in the body."

Dr. Messina says it can lead to headaches, allergies and sinus trouble.

She suggests you think about your posture.

Hill said, "I only play it a couple of times a day, but if you're playing hours in and hours out, you've gotta think about the bad things that are coming out of that one."

Dr. Messina suggests you think about your posture.

Make sure you're sitting up tall and have your head over your shoulders rather than leaning forward. If you're on your cell phone, try holding it up in front of you and above all things. Also have your spine checked.