Swansea, SC (WLTX) - A classroom project at Swansea High School has led to some concern from several parents and students.

Viewers, who said they were parents of students at the school began messaging us on social media Friday with screenshots showing the work. The photos of the project show that it included the phrase "the South will rise again," a noose, and what appears to be a representation of blood.

News19 contacted Lexington School District Four, which released a statement.

According to them, on February 23, students were completing a group project at the end of the school day that involved the history of slavery in the United States.

The district said the teacher saw the project, and believed it "incorporated poor word choices and visuals, which could be negatively interpreted by others."

The district said the teacher immediately removed the project from the class, and took action to address the students' concerns. However, somehow the project got out for others to see.

"The material was accessed by other students and publicized without permission or approval from the District," the district said. "As a result, the District began promptly investigating this matter and will handle the investigation with expediency and privacy for those involved."

"Our District is committed to furthering the educational interests of our students and promoting creativity while maintaining a firm stance that the appearance of intolerance or acts of intolerance for others, of any kind, will not be allowed," the district went on to say. "The District does not condone any student activities that create a misperception about the District’s goal of ensuring student performance at the highest level for each and every one of our students. We will continue to provide the best educational environment possible while maintaining the highest standards for our students and employees."