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Property taxes increase for City of Cayce residents

Residents of Cayce will now have to pay $17.40 more per year with a recent property tax increase.

CAYCE, S.C. — In a Wednesday night meeting, Cayce City Council voted to approve a property tax increase that will charge residents an extra $17.40 per year.

"We have not raised property taxes since the onset of COVID but now with inflation we need to," said City Manager, Tracy Hegler. 

The city budget was $15, 326,977 last year, and the newly approved budget comes in at $16, 747.065 in General Funds.

The city sent a flyer out to residents to explain the new budget and part of the sheet stated that part of their main sources of revenue comes from property taxes.

Credit: City of Cayce

"I wish you all made it easier to understand what raising the millage rate means for the public," said a resident during public comment. "I'm not happy it's going up but I understand, I just wish you made it easier for people to figure out what's going on."

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For example, Cayce homeowners pay $297 per year for a $138,000 home. However, with the additional $17.40 per month that will jump up to $314.40 for a $138,000 home. 

Credit: City of Cayce

Other parts of the budget showed that although city council will not be getting raises this year, their team does have an allotted $13,000 for travel expenses, $5,000 set aside for a Christmas party for community relations, and $6,000 for employee appreciation and award expenses. 

City councilman, Hunter Sox, says the travel costs are from the council's trip to the Municipal Association conference each year. Sox says the council tried to do what they felt was best for their employees this year. He says overall, additional costs are due to inflation.

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"That travel is only mileage and room costs which is heavily decreased due to the Municipal group, but we need to go to that to stay up to date on state and municipal law, and for us to see what other municipalities in the state are doing," Sox explained. "As for the funding for the Christmas party, we need to make sure that our employees feel appreciated especially when they do as great of a job as they do."

The budget unanimously passed and will go into effect immediately. The next city council meeting in Cayce will be Tuesday, July 5.

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