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Justice for Fred Cox | Protestors gather in High Point for man killed at funeral by detective

The event was home to family members of other Black people killed by police including the families of Daunte Wright and Marcus Smith.

HIGH POINT, N.C. — Civil rights activists Attorney Ben Crump and Rev. Greg Drumwright led a "No Justice No Peace March on High Point" Saturday.

"To get justice for Fred Cox we were going to need our best all united together to make what happened in Minneapolis happen here in North Carolina," Crump said. 

Organizers of the demonstration said the memorial march was in demand of justice for Fred Cox Jr., who was killed by detective Michael Shane Hill while attending a funeral. On June 2, the Guilford County District Attorney announced that no charges would be filed against Hill.

Vivian Wright was beside Cox moments before he died. 

She said he died while trying to protect her and her 12-year-old son. 

 "I could see the gun fire over my head and on my left side when Fred went down detective Hill didn't stop shooting he kept shooting," Wright said. "He kept shooting to the point where he grazed my 12-year-old."

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At a news conference that same day, the public heard from Fred Cox Sr., who unexpectedly died four days later, organizers said in a news release. Cox's final words were expressions of grief about there being no charges filed in his son's unjustified death, the release said.

Credit: WFMY News 2
Civil rights activists Attorney Ben Crump and Rev. Greg Drumwright led the "No Justice No Peace March on High Point" on June 26, 2021, in demand for justice for Fred Cox.

Fred Cox mother Tenicka Shannon spoke about how her sons death has impacted her entire family.

"We're fighting for my grand son, we're fighting for my father who we had to place in a rehab facility because he sat on the porch countless days and hours and we finally asked daddy why are you sitting on the porch," Shannon said. "He's waiting on Fred. Fred is not coming. Even during the protest he called me crying."

Mothers and family members of other Black people killed by police attended the march including the sister of Daunte Wright, mother of Marcus Smith, as well as the sister and brother of Andrew Brown.

"Another family hurting another community hurting. This is unreal," said Brown's sister. "But I thank all of you all for being out here today Tenicka and her family need all of the support." 

Monica Wright, sister of Daunte Wright spoke at Saturday’s rally.

“He was my brother…Daunte was murdered, if you didn’t see the video it replays in my head every day,” she said. “Since finding out (my brother died) I’ve lost 30 pounds from not eating.”

Monica said she’s fighting to make sure her brother’s voice “is heard”.

“I don’t care how nervous I am at any event,” she said. “I’m going to speak for my brother. Just how (Ex-police officer Kimberly Potter) mistakenly pulled that trigger on that gun, I want them to purposely charge her with murder.”

Shortly after Monica’s remarks the crowd at Saturday’s rally started cheering “Daunte Wright’s Life Matters”.

Civil Rights Attorney Benjamin Crump spoke at the event as well.

“Even though she was trying to say he was running from a traffic stop, if it was a young white man, would she have pulled the taser?,” Crump said. "A gun weighs over 6 pounds, and taser weighs only two.”

Mary Smith, the mother of Marcus Deon Smith, who died in the custody of Greensboro police spoke out Saturday.

“Marcus died for no reason, no weapon, no charges, he didn’t even use profanity, up until his last breath,” Mary said.

Rev. Gregory Drumwright said activists are not holding rallies and advocating to make Cox, "a God."

“We’re keeping their names in our mouths because our public officials won’t say their names. When we chant, ‘Fred should not be dead’, we’re literally speaking facts," Drumwright said.

He said Cox was killed for “no reason”.

“He was not a gang member, he was killed by one,” Drumwright said. “He was trying to get a mother and son to safety.”

On Saturday The Cox family's legal team says they wont stop until charges are brought against detective Hill. 

"That is due process, accountability, and that starts with charges,' Crump said. 

Shannon said she'll never grow tired of the fight for her sons justice. 

"Even during the nightmares, the getting up screaming at night because I want my child," Shannon said. "Waking up calling his name because they remind me so much of their dad."

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