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Public input requested on bike share expansion in Columbia

The study will look at needs and create safe public spaces for all user’s needs (transit, cyclist, pedestrians, and vehicular) of all ages within roads and bridges.

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Midlands residents are being asked to share their thoughts on bike riding in the area. 

Input can be provided through an interactive online survey and map, and comments provided will help shape the development of the expansion study.

The study is part of a collaboration with the Central Midlands Council of Governments (CMCOG) and   the City of Columbia, The Comet, City of Cayce, City of West Columbia, Town of Springdale, and the South Carolina Department of Transportation.

 The point of the study are twofold. 

First, to expand upon the City of Columbia’s bike share plan as part of the Walk Bike Columbia Feasibility Study. 

Secondly, to create a Bike Share Plan Expansion and Implementation document for the communities of Cayce, West Columbia, and Springdale.

"Looking for where people live, work and want to get to their destinations on a bicycle, um, is just a critical part of that process, because that's who's going to use it," said Columbia Planning Administrator Lucinda Statler.

The study will address several goals including:

 1. Examine the quality of walking and cycling experiences around transit and certain land uses and development; To link accessibility to and from homes, employment centers, businesses, and transit stops;

"For urban settings, transportation options are really the key to success and making sure that everybody doesn't have to drive everywhere," said Statler.

2. To address the needs and create safe public spaces for all user’s needs (transit, cyclist, pedestrians, and vehicular) of all ages within roads and bridges

"Because everybody, whether you're driving, or whether you're on a bus, or on a bicycle, everybody's a pedestrian," said Statler. 

 The study process will involve many community engagement activities to bring awareness and receive input and feedback including a project video, survey, and attendance at local events.

When Columbia's Blue Bike program launched in 2018, Statler said the average trip was 25 minutes and 1.6 miles. She said there were an average of 454 trips a month. 

"In October of 2022 the average trip was 53 minutes. 2.85 Miles is the average distance. And for the whole year, so far, the average number of trips per month is 1200," said Statler. 

To see more about the current bike share program in Columbia click here


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