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Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol Surprises Military Veteran in North Carolina

A Winston-Salem man is living, breathing truth that the Publishers Clearing House "Prize Patrol" is a real thing and you can win!!
Photo: WFMY News 2

Winston-Salem, NC (WFMY) - We've all seen the commercials and gotten the mailings from Publishers Clearing House (PCH) that says you don't have to buy to win.

Like most we probably think it's not real, the commercials are actors and if it's real I'll never win.

A Winston-Salem man is now living, breathing truth that it does happen. The PCH, "Prize Patrol" is a real thing. A crew from PCH does show up at your door with balloons, flowers and oh, yeah a big check!

WFMY News 2's Photojournalist Ryan Gavette rolled, recorded and witnessed the surprise and check presentation Friday morning.

Here's what happens prior to the big announcement:

PCH will find a local flower shop to purchase the flowers and balloons. In this trip, they used Rae's Flower Shop on Brownsboro Rd. This is also the spot the media is required to meet the Prize Patrol crew. Once everything is set, the media follows the Prize Patrol to the winner's house.

McKinley Harris, the winner lived in an apartment complex and he was home! After answering his door, Harris was asked if he recognized them. He said yes. He was given an oversized check for $10,000. Harris was asked to do the famous line, "I'm a Publisher Clearing House Winner."

He also screamed towards his watching neighbors--TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS! Harris said he's only been playing for three years, he told PCH.

Join us in congratulating McKinley Harris on his win, his service to our country and for restoring our belief that PCH is real.

Harris' win also gives us hope that someday the Prize Patrol might knock on our door, whether you buy or not!

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