Columbia, SC (WLTX) — After significant feedback and concerns from the community, the City of Columbia has decided to remove bike lanes on Farrow Road.

City Manager Teresa Wilson said that a decision was made to remove the bike lanes from Columbia College Drive to E. Campanella Drive.

Wilson stated, “Based on a significant amount of feedback provided by residents from the communities in the area, a decision was made to move forward with a lane reversal and return that section of Farrow Road back to its original state. We are taking this action in order to be responsive to our citizens and move forward based on information received during the recent public meetings.”

Dwight Thompson Jr., a longtime Farrow Road resident, says removing the bike lanes was the right decision.

"It's been trouble out here," Thompson said. "People are confused, they don't know what to do police are stopping people, I don’t see that many bicycles going up the road at all so I’m really happy about the decision."

With the bike lanes removed, traffic will go back to two north bound lanes, two south bound lanes, and a middle turn lane.

Wilburt Dreher, who drives on Farrow Road frequently, says the decision was long overdue.

"When you eliminate a lane for a bike lane, that’s just too big unless you’re having a ton of bikes on the road and that’s not a thing on Farrow Road." Dreher said.

Crews will begin work on Farrow Road July 17. During which time, drivers should expect delays.