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Residents still recovering after V.C. Summer construction shutdown

Two years later that decision is still impacting some businesses and residents.

FAIRFIELD COUNTY, S.C. — The Jenkinsville community continues to move forward as many still face the effects from the failed construction project at the V.C. Summer Nuclear Plant and businesses are pushing on two years later. 

"Didn't expect that," Jenkinsville resident Evex Martin said. 

That's how many Jenkinsville residents including Martin describes a decision that caused thousands of people their jobs two years ago.

Back in March 2013 construction began on the first of two new reactors for V.C. Summer. Then in 2017 SCE&G's main contractor filled for bankruptcy. Within a few weeks a decision was made to stop construction of the new reactors at the plant.

"Since they closed and everything kinda slowed, couple of stores have closed down, ain't much going on in Jenkinsville right now," Martin said.

Recently Martin started working on opening up a general store.

"Being able to open this place up for one thing and I have a daughter that's going to help me run it," Martin said. "She's really into it, my daughter and my wife so were going to try and make the best of it."

The V.C. Summer halt also cost businesses like the Broad River Campground to lose campers.

Stepanie Lapratt, the camp host, said they took a major hit.

"In November 2017 there were only like 24 tailors here, so it was really bad," Lapratt said.

In comparison to having a full lot and a wait list.

"When the plant was shut down this place was like nothing. It was alright while the plant was still running," Fairfield County resident Jocelyn Gardner said.

Lapratt said it's taken a lot of work to get back to maintaining the campground.

"We are little over half full now and we have been very steady," Lapratt said.

Despite the past hard times, she is confident they will grow.

"I mean I think everything is heading in the right direction, so hopefully we can keep it going that way," Lapratt said.

Martin said he plans to open up his new general store on August 10. 

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