Columbia, SC (WLTX) - These are the highest and lowest restaurant ratings in the Midlands for the week of July 6, 2017.

Follow Up:

King's Chef, 1217 Sunset Drive Columbia- 89-B

  • Storing food uncovered and unprotected, not date marking their ready to eat foods and having walls in poor repair
  • Follow-up: July 7

Jersey Mike's Subs, 1222 Alice Dr. Sumter- 96-A

Low Scores:

Mari's Restaurant, 301 Rice Meadow Way STE 6-7 Columbia- 78-B

  • Thawing foods and washing dishes in the same three compartments
  • Flies in the kitchen and throughout the restaurant
  • Follow-up: July 7

Hiro’s Wings, 960 Miller Rd. Sumter- 83-B

  • Live roaches in the kitchen and not doing much to keep flies out of their facility.
  • They weren’t holding proper hot food temperatures and their stove had a sticky build up.
  • Follow-up: July 6

Great China Buffet, 1475 John C Calhoun Drive Orangeburg- 88-A

  • Food not date marked in the walk-in cooler, the metal pans with seasonings not labeled and on top of that they weren’t holding proper hot or cold food temperatures.
  • Follow-up: July 7

Buffalo Creek Bar & Grill, 750 Marina Way Prosperity- 89-A

  • Fly activity in their kitchen, drain flies in the salad and bar areas, dead insects on the floor, dish area and restrooms. Even with all this insect activity they weren’t doing much about preventing more from coming in.
  • Follow-up: July 10

Hall of Fame:

  • East Bay Deli, 108 Sunset Ct West Columbia- 100%
  • Queen's Caribbean Cuisine, 1217 Peach Orchard Rd. Sumter- 99%
  • Silver Spoon Tea Room, 1104 Caldwell St. Newberry- 99%

Golden Spatula Winner: The Market Restaurant, 322 Little Brooke Ln West Columbia- 100%