Columbia, SC (WLTX) - What's the scoop? It's National Ice Cream Day on Sunday and Restaurant Report Card found two great places where you can get your sundae on on Sunday!


  • Hiro's Wings, 960 Miller Rd. Sumter- 95-A (third follow-up on July 14)
  • Buffalo Creek Bar & Grill, 750 Marina Way Prosperity- 94-A (third follow-up on July 17)\
  • Great China Buffet, LLC, 1475 John C. Calhoun Drive- 100-A

Insects and Pests

McDonald's 378@441, 5650 Broad St Sumter, 83-B

  • During the inspection, flies were observed throughout the kitchen and food prep area.
  • Follow-up: July 21

La Fogata Irmo, 11210 Broad River Rd. Irmo88-A

  • Fly activity noted on prep surfaces, on uncovered food items, crawling on walls/floors/ceiling, and throughout the facility.
  • Follow-up: July 21

Hudson's Smokehouse BBQ, 4952 Sunset Blvd, 4952 Sunset Blvd, Lexington- 88-A

  • Facility has an excessive amount of flies throughout the kitchen and storage area, self closure not provided on exterior door.
  • Follow-up: July 14

Higher Ground Char House, 211 Chapin Rd. Chapin- 89-A

  • Fly activity noted in food prep, cook and dish line areas.
  • Follow-up: July 14

Low Scores:

Crescent Moon, 2361-A Augusta Hwy Lexington- 78-B

  • Employees were seen touching ready to eat foods with their bare hands, the entire shelf of clean plates had heavy grease and they had an excessive number of flies in the kitchen!
  • Scored 100% on their follow-up.

Royal Food Store, 123 East Front St. Saluda- 80-B

  • A box of carry out trays was stored on the floor. Excessive grooves on their cutting boards.

  • Follow-up: July 14

Tracy's Camp, 2031 Crooked Pine Trail, Clarendon- 88-A

  • Rodent droppings in the kitchen and their utensil drawl full of debris.

  • Follow-up: July 21

Fit Street Hibatchi & Deli, 1223 Brickle Street Orangeburg- 89-A

  • Wiping cloths sitting out on prep surfaces, chest freezers on the floor and the door to a new storage room didn’t have a self closer to prevent bugs from coming in
  • Follow-up: July 17

Hall of Fame:

  • Five Guys Burgers & Fries, 285 Columbiana Dr. Columbia- 100%
  • Rusty Spoon, 23688 Hwy 121 Newberry- 99%
  • Jordan's Cuisine, 142 Dunning Road Orangeburg- 98%