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Family members continue speaking out about conditions at Richland County jail

After social media video surfaced of poor living conditions, more family members of inmates are speaking out.

COLUMBIA, S.C. — More videos from inside the Richland County Jail show inmates mopping sewage and another clip shows a bucket of water that inmates were given to flush their toilets with. 

A family member of an inmate told us, her loved one has been in Alvin S. Glenn since November, and has experienced everything from cold water to a lack of access to hygiene products. She also believes there are issues with food.

"They don't have enough nutrition to sustain a three-year-old let alone grown men and women," the woman explained. "They are supposed to give them cups to get water with. They don't have cups. They are keeping their milk cartons off of their breakfast trays but if the Corrections Officers find them, it's contraband."

We reached out to Richland County to ask additional questions about food, visitation, and hygiene products.

According to Jail Director, Crayman Harvey, "Breakfast is served from 9-10, lunch 11-2, and dinner from 4-5:30. Today's breakfast menu consisted of pancakes along with grits & orange juice. For lunch inmates were served meatballs, rice, and green beans. For dinner, they had sandwiches and chips." 

He explained there are "no current visitation restrictions for those detainees in the general population."

Harvey also said hygiene items are provided upon entrance to the facility. Inmates receive soap, a comb, shampoo & toothpaste. If they are indigent they will receive a packet of the same once a month.

The woman we spoke with says she hopes the videos circulating are able to shed light on what the inmates are experiencing. 

"Two days after these videos started circulating I went to see my loved one, and I've never seen Alvin S. Glenn so busy. They were painting the visitation booths. Why are you painting the visitation booths, when these people have no running water back there?"

We reached out to Richland County again for further comment and more information on repairs being made but were not given an update.

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