Columbia, SC (WLTX) - — Several Richland District 2 schools could be in line for a makeover if board members approve a plan to place two questions on the voting ballots this November.

The first question will deal with security and safety plans for several schools, and the second will deal with providing better sports facilities for two high schools.

Dr. Baron Davis, superintendent for Richland School District 2, is hopeful board members say yes.

“Our goal is to make our district the district of choice where every school is an excellent choice and this bond will help us fulfill that promise,” Davis said.

If approved, and voters say "yes" to both questions in November, roughly $370 million will go into rebuilding Forest Lake and Bethel Hanberry Elementary. Safety will also be enhanced at E.L. Wright Middle School.

"The first question will allow us to touch every school in the district and every facility in the district in one way or another," Davis said. "Upgrading learning facilities making sure they are safe and secure.”

If voters vote yes on sports facilities, close to $90 million will go into building better sports and fine arts facilities. Ridge View High School and Richland Northeast High School, who both currently share stadiums with Blythewood High School and Spring Valley High School respectively, will begin building football stadiums.

“There is a different feel when you get to play home football games at your school, it creates a different sense of culture, different type of environment for your students, it’s a sense of pride for students as well,” Davis said.

Most homeowners would pay an extra $40 a year in property taxes for each $100,000 of their home's value, if voters approve both questions. For example, the owner of a $200,000 home would pay an extra $80.