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Richland Two changes policy to fill about 300 vacancies more quickly

With about 300 vacancies across the district, Richland Two is changing their hiring process to make coming in more efficient.

COLUMBIA, S.C. — The Richland Two School Board is speeding up its hiring process through an amendment to a hiring policy already in place.

The policy previously required contracts to go before the board and superintendent and be approved prior to an employee being hired. 

Board Chair Lindsay Agostini said the slower hiring process sometimes caused them to lose candidates.

She gave this statement saying, “This is a positive change for us. We will be able to bring people in upon them getting their offer instead of waiting for board approval.”

With almost 300 vacancies for jobs across the district, the board believed this new hiring process could help a lot. 

Jan Hammond, a teacher and former board chair for Lexington Richland Five, commented on this policy update saying it is something for other districts to keep their eye on.

“Teachers are the type of people that pick up and cover for each other," Hammond explained. "I can assure you that those shortages do put greater demands on the teachers that are already there. If this puts a teacher in the classroom quicker, I look forward to seeing how this policy works for Richland Two."

Before the policy change, Richland Two Board Chair Agostini explained that it would take almost a month before the board could see a contract. Now, they are hoping to hire teachers as temporary workers to get them in the door before the new hires receive an officially approved contract.

Other districts in the midlands like Richland One and Fairfield County have similar hiring policies. Other districts like Lexington One and Kershaw have policies that require interviews and principal involvement. 

All districts across the midlands hire differently but for now, Richland Two is trying this new policy out to address their district's need for staff. 

On Wednesday, March 22, the district will be hosting a recruitment fair to help further its hiring efforts. This will take place in the R2i2 building and will last from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. 

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