Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- This time of year, fireflies are a popular sight at night around the state — they are also the mascot of Columbia's semi-professional baseball team.

Superhero night is now a tradition at Spirit Communications Park, but this year the fireflies wanted to add a unique spin to it. And with the help of a South Carolina artist, the team will be transformed into superheroes for one night.

"It's kind of a new mascot. It's not fully our mascot, but he kind of designed our own first ever superhero," said Abby Naas, the vice president of marketing.

Professional artist and South Carolina native Sanford Greene was the master mind behind the jersey creation.

"It's basically the firefly, an actual superhero. I kind of based it off of an old golden age character called the fly and I crossed it over with the ascetics of the teams colors and their logo, or mascot if you will," Greene said. "And I made him out to be what you see on the actual jersey"

Because this project is so close to home, it meant a lot to Greene that he was asked to help.

"It's actually pretty surreal to be honest with you. I do all this work for these companies all over the world and to be able to do something like this in my own back yard is pretty special," he said.

Creating characters is no new task for Greene. He has worked on projects like Marvel's Black Panther and Luke Cage, but the firefly superhero holds a special meaning.

"It's pretty authentic because it was designed specifically for the fireflies from someone who is actually a native," he said. "So I think that is where it is a little extra to it."

In order to make the jerseys even more powerful, the money raised after auctioning them off will go to Greene's charity of choice, HOPE Worldwide. According to its website, HOPE Worldwide works to provide services to the world's poorest and most vulnerable citizens.

"That's my purpose to be able to use my talent to go out there and make an impact in this way," Greene said. "It's pretty satisfying."

You can check the jerseys out in action tomorrow night for superhero night at the Fireflies game. The game starts at 6:05 p.m., and Greene will be throwing out the first pitch.