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SC Fun Seniors group offers recreational kayaking, other activities for 50+

The group meets bi-monthly and has visited 40 different waterways throughout the state.

LAKE MURRAY SHORES, S.C. — There's a community for active seniors called SC Fun Seniors and they're all about having a great time on South Carolina waterways, specifically when it comes to kayaking.

"I'll pick a waterway, say the intercoastal and then the next I'll pick say the Pacolet river in the upstate and then go to Savannah river," founder Gerald Head, said.

The group travels around the entire state and they're based in the Midlands.

 Lake Murray resident Gerald Head started the group about four years back.

They move through at least five miles of water each trip they take bi-monthly and it's completely free to test the waters for a few weeks before becoming a member. 

"Whether it's a rocky bank or a muddy bank, we help you get in, we help you get out, we put your stuff back on your car for you, help you tie it down, we all do that," Head said.

The idea is to keep those 50 and older  folks on the move, seeking adventure and most importantly having fun. 

"You've got to say I want to do it, I'm going to do it. Because a lot of times that's the problem, people just keep on putting it off and putting it off and then they look on YouTube and they look on tv and say boy I'd like to do that, but they never do it," Head said.