Columbia, SC (WLTX) - The state house was packed on Wednesday with the announcement of the formation of a bipartisan energy caucus. Lawmakers say it is a direct response to the failed construction project at VC Summer.

"People need to be fired," said Representative (R) Micah Caskey.

South Carolina lawmakers addressed a crowd at the state house demanding accountability after the cancelation of construction of two nuclear units at VC Summer.

"I heard one member of the puppet service commission say that the public trust was at risk," Caskey said, "well, I submit to you that the public trust is gone."

"Any money that comes from Toshiba, that we have been told is somewhere in the neighborhood of $2.2 billion dollars, should immediately go straight back to the South Carolinian rate payers," said Representative (D) Russell Ott.

Lawmakers say they're going to be looking into where things went wrong; the public service commission, the office of regulatory staff and the Base Load Review Act all coming under scrutiny.

"All of that needs to be looked at and reformed," said Representative (D) James Smith.

"We unfortunately gave more of a blank check to the utilities than we ever should have," said Representative (R) Kirkman Finlay.

Smith announced the creation of a bipartisan energy caucus to come up with a statewide energy plan.

"When you have a reliable and enforceable energy plan, this doesn't happen," Smith said. "When you make a plan we know we can pay for, then workers are going to be secure in their job."

"We enabled this consequence to be put on the ratepayers and we have to fix it," Finlay said.

Senator (R) Luke Rankin and Senator (R) Thomas Alexander have called a special meeting with the public utilities review committee on August 23rd to discuss the abandonment of the project.