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SC Real ID: Do you have your gold star?

REAL ID cards and driver's licenses are available at SC DMV locations and online.

COLUMBIA, S.C. — You may be one of the 560,000 South Carolinians who have already purchased REAL ID, a new federally-mandated identification card that you will need to:

  • Board a commercial domestic flight
  • Enter a secure federal building
  • Visit a military installation

Approximately 2 million South Carolinians are expected to get REAL ID cards before the October 1, 2020, deadline. The REAL ID cards will replace current SC driver’s licenses and identification cards.

You can tell the difference between a driver’s license or regular ID and REAL ID – REAL ID cards have a gold star in the top right corner of the card.

You can update your current SC driver’s license or identification card at your nearest DMV location or online. For most people, a REAL ID driver's license or identification card will cost $25. To get one, you will need:

  • Proof of identity – a government issued birth certificate or valid US passport
  • Proof of Social Security Number (your SS card or a W-2 that has your name, SSN, and employer’s name)
  • Two proofs of current, physical South Carolina address (a current, unexpired SC driver’s license or identification card and a no more than 90-day-old utility bill with the same name and address)
  • Proof of all legal name changes (marriage license or court order issued by your county’s probate or family court.)

Some of your required documents may already be on file with the DMV if you received your very first SC beginner’s permit, driver’s license or identification card, or changed your license after holding another a license from another state during or after November 2010.

You can go to www.scdmvonline.com “REAL ID Document Check” or call 803-896-5000.

If your documents are on file you can purchase a REAL ID online and avoid lines at the DMV.

Unless you plan on flying, visiting a military installation or a secure federal building, REAL ID is optional in South Carolina. You will NOT need REAL ID to:

  • Vote
  • Drive
  • Access hospitals or receive life-saving services
  • Apply for or receive federal benefits (from Veterans Affairs, Social Security Administration, etc.)
  • Visit the post office
  • Participate in law enforcement proceedings or investigations (serve on a federal jury, testify in federal court, etc.)