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SC serial killer's home for sale, victim's families to get money off sale

The two-story brick home has sat vacant since Todd Kohlhepp was arrested in November 2016.

MOORE, S.C. — The home of South Carolina serial killer Todd Kohlhepp is going on the market Friday. The money from the sale will go to help the victims' families. 

The home at 213 Windsong Way has sat vacant since Kohlhepp was arrested in November 2016.

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For about a decade, Kohlhepp lived and worked in this two story brick house.

While the house is empty of furniture and most belongings, there are some remnants of its previous owner, including real estate magnets and advertisements on the refrigerator.

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"We looked at kind of fair market value this home if it were like most of the rest of the homes in this neighborhood would be in the 210 to 220 range," Keller Williams realtor Dan Hamilton says. 

He says the lower price is not because of the homes past, but because of the number of improvements needed.

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"We looked at what it would take from a numbers standpoint to get it up to that number, and so that's why we arrived at the list price of $150,000," Keller added.

Hamilton says there was dog hair all over the carpet so it had to be torn up. He also says the property needs major landscaping out back.