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SC Department of Education: Brookland-Cayce High School on the right track

In a letter from the SC Department of Education to Lexington Two in September 2022, they explain the status should be returned if corrections are made.

LEXINGTON COUNTY, S.C. — Lexington School District Two is under review and on the right track. That's according to the South Carolina Department of Education.

Back in June we told you about two high schools in Lexington Two being watched by the South Carolina Department of Education. 

The SC Department of Education was made aware of some students at Brookland-Cayce High School were given diplomas without fulfilling requirements for graduation back in October 2021 and therefore investigated. This is something News 19 reported June 2022.

Since then, the high school accreditation dropped to accredited advised, and under a watchful eye, Brookland-Cayce High School is working to build back their accreditation status after concerns regarding transcripts.

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This status can be caused by other things besides transcripts, too.

David Mathis works for the South Carolina Department of Education.

"It could be non-certified, a teacher who is not certified or has let their certification lapse, so there's multiple things that could impact their accreditation," said Mathis, deputy superintendent of the division of college and career readiness.

As of August, the SC Department of Education sent Lexington Two's superintendent and school board chair a letter explaining they're on the right track to get their accreditation status of all clear back by late summer/early fall of next year. 

The SC Department of Education tells News 19 Lexington Two even met with middle school administrators to go the extra mile.

The school is allotted a year to make the corrections, and this status mark not only falls on this school, but the district. 

Airport High School didn't have their status changed, but are still under review.

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In a statement from Lexington Two they explain, "Lexington Two has been working diligently to fully implement the corrective action plan that was approved by the SC Department of Education in August. The first monitoring of transcripts for juniors and seniors is scheduled for later this month, and there will be a monitoring of freshman and sophomore transcripts in January or early February 2023.....We also are updating several procedures and administrative rules to provide specific guidance on when students will be allowed to enroll in credit recovery and to outline expectations for students who need to make up seat time due to attendance issues."

"That accreditation is that seal of approval that all policies and procedures  and regulations are in place and all those things are in place to make sure that every student gets a good well rounded education and is prepared for life and prepared to be good citizens," Mathis said.

According to the SC Department of Education, it's normal for them to send a letter in the middle of the process, updating the school and district about where their accreditation status stands.

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