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SCOUT Motors answers questions about wetlands permits and more

The electric vehicle manufacturing site says just because work has paused that doesn't mean the project is behind schedule.

BLYTHEWOOD, S.C. — The grounds of the SCOUT Motors electric manufacturing site in Blythewood are rapidly changing as trees have been cleared, but in just a few years, it will look completely different as SCOUT unveils the design of the property.

“What we are building here is, when it comes to the size and magnitude, a very normal automotive assembly plant,” says Jan Spies, Chief production officer for SCOUT.

Spies says the site is anticipated to bring more than 4,000 jobs and will produce 40 vehicles an hour, and is expected to open in 2026 but will not open to it’s full capacity immediately

“The ramp-up of this factory will not be switching it on going to 100%, but it will be a slow ramp-up,” Spies said.  

Just a week ago, News19 reported work was paused at the site as they await approval for a permit allowing them to work in the wetlands. While they continue to wait, Spies said that hasn’t stopped the project.

“We have calculated it into our schedule, so the pausing of the work has not delayed the project,” Spies said.

Another concern from residents in the area was over rail that is neighboring the Ashley Oaks community. Spies says they are addressing concerns in multiple ways, one of those being the speed at which the train cars can travel.

“We decreased the speed we're going for approximately 10 mph speed on that side," he said.

The design plans show much green space, so there could be potential down the road for the plant to grow in size on its current property.

“We are building a plant with a certain amount of flexibility, so this factory and this is what I am showing you is able to grow and change and cope with it very well,” Spies said. 

A public drop-in will take place from 4-7 p.m. at Doko Manner on Tuesday, where all state agencies involved will speak with residents.

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