Columbia, SC (WLTX) - The holiday season is a time when many reflect on what they have and how they can be a blessing to someone else.

That's exactly what a group of seniors from the Blythewood Wellness Center did. It started with an idea to pitch in money so they could have a Thanksgiving dinner.

"We're all retirees on a fixed income with bills," said Alice Haynes, a senior at the center.

Together, they came up with $300.

"We thought we would take that money and eat, have a big dinner,"

After talking it over, they decided there were people out there who needed it more.

"We decided instead of eating, we would share," Haynes said.

The group shared all $300 dollars to the Red Cross' Puerto Rican Relief Fund.

"And that's a blessing," said Jeannette Ortiz, another senior.

A blessing especially for Jeannette Ortiz, it's where she's from.

"I was born in Puerto Rico," Ortiz said. "We're proud that we were able to do that."

Rebecca Jordan with the Red Cross says she was touched.

"To hear what they gave up, to give when they themselves are on limited resources, it's inspiring," Jordan said.

That's the thing about wisdom. Sometimes, it's just seeing an opportunity to do the right thing and taking it.

"We were all taught to share, to give and to treat others as we wish to be treated," Haynes said.