Columbia, SC (WLTX) - Lottery players are still looking for answers after being told they can't collect their winnings from Holiday Cash Add-A-Play tickets with the South Carolina Education Lottery.

Dozens of people gathered at the lottery claims center early Wednesday morning.

Lottery officials say there was a glitch with their computer vendor, Intralot, which had a programming error on Christmas Day. That error resulted in people getting winning Holiday Cash Add-A-Play tickets at extremely high rates.

Intralot, the education lottery's only computer vendor, is a company based in Greece that supplies interactive gambling services worldwide.

"Hopefully they pay me out because that's not fair," says Kenyatta McKeithan. "It's not my fault that their system had an error."

The lottery says that the error impacted tickets sold from 5:51 to 7:53 p.m. on Christmas Day.

"A majority of these are losers, which means that if the error took place at that time, this ticket right here would have indicated an all tree winner," says McKeithan. "So I don't agree with that."

"If I didn't win, then ok," says Barry Pickens. "I understand, you can take my money, but if it's a glitch in the system that is not on us. That's not on the common people. I'm sorry, I work hard for my money and I'll be gel if I'm just about to spend it and get nothing out of it."

The lottery says there should be a maximum of five matching images on the tickets, but many of the "winning" tickets showed nine.

The South Carolina Education Lottery says they are still investigating the matter and are asking players to hold on to their tickets. They are expecting to make an announcement at the end of the week.