COLUMBIA, S.C. — After seeing videos surface from two close calls at bus stops in different states, people are concerned about bus safety.

One video shows a mom waiting for her child to get off the bus and nearly being hit by a driver who didn't stop. 

A second video showing a girl barely making it across the street to get on the bus as another driver comes close to hitting her. Both of the videos are from other states, but it doesn't mean it couldn't happen here.

During the first two weeks into the school year South Carolina Highway Patrol said they have already stopped several drivers for passing a stopped school bus.

"We talk to bus operators on a weekly basis and pretty much every bus driver tells us the same thing, there is not a day that goes by that somebody doesn't pass a stopped school bus or pass the stopped arm," SC Highway Patrol Trooper David Jones said. "For us the last thing we want to do is see one of these precious children get hit." 

In addition to being extremely dangerous, passing a stopped school bus could land you a hefty ticket. It could be an at least $1,000 fine and six points on your drivers license.

"What we are seeing is people in a hurry or people are distracted, that bus goes to stop and they don't have the appropriate time to stop or they have the negligence and don't care, and they go around that stopped school bus," Jones said. "I can promise you, troopers are riding on these buses and following these buses, so if we see you make that poor decision we are going to stop you." 

If you are behind a school bus on a four lane road, you need to stop. Oncoming traffic on a four lane road does not have to stop. If you are on a two land road both sides of traffic need to stop, but if you are ever in doubt you can always stop. 

"Go ahead and urge on the side of caution and slow down and stop," Jones said.

Either way law enforcement is not tolerating this offense. 

"We hear the same excuse, that well I was just in a hurry and I needed to get to work, or I was running late and I didn't have time to wait for the bus," Jones said. "There is no excuse for anyone to pass a stopped school bus."