Columbia, SC (WLTX) - — For almost 150 years, the South Carolina State Fair has been a staple in the state of South Carolina.

Whether it's enjoying delicious food, riding amazing rides, or just walking around enjoying the sights and sounds, many South Carolina residents feel the Fair is a South Carolina tradition.

"It’s a tradition," said South Carolina resident Demetrius Tomlinson. "Everyone comes to the fair to have a good time ride all the rides and eat all of the foods I like the corn dogs personally.”

“We love the fair, the food, the fun this weather is absolutely perfect so it’s all good.” said South Carolina resident Ernest Haynes, who has attended the fair for more than 30 years. "It's the best part of South Carolina."

Food isn't the only thing that brings people back to the fair year after year.

“I like all the rides you can go on and all the rides and you can win a lot of prize.” said young fair goer Harley Haynes.

Overall, the fair gives parents, children, and the entire South Carolina community a chance to bond and have a good time.

“As parents we want to see our children happy and she’s a little daredevil and she loves to ride and she enjoys having a good time and when I see that it makes me happy and I’m happy to be apart of it.” said South Carolina resident Kosha Adams.

The fair will be in town until October 21st.