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South Carolina WWII veterans remember the attack on Pearl Harbor

Two Midlands veterans recall the moment they enlisted in the military after the attacks.

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Pearl Harbor, a day that will live in infamy. 

It was one the nation's most deadliest attacks.  More than 2400 people, military and civilians were killed. 

December 7th marks the 80th anniversary.

Eighty- years ago, 16-year-old Vernon Brantley was leaving his church's youth group in Indiana when he heard the paperboy yelling Pearl Harbor had been bombed. 

He remembers the confusion, and the panic he and his family felt as if it was just yesterday.  A day he says changed America's history books forever.

“It was just a regular ordinary day in December in South Bend, Indiana,” said Brantley.

It was just before 8 am on December 7th, 1941, when tragedy struck. 

“Pearl Harbor bombed. No one knew where Pearl Harbor was,” he said.

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Brantley says his devotion to his country, led him to enlist in the military following the attacks. “It wasn’t a question of do you want to, you felt bound to do it.”

Marcelle D. Carter Jr. was a senior at the time of the attacks. He to remembers the eeriness of that dark day.

"I just started college, joined the reserves, and nine months later I was called to active duty," said Carter.

He went on to say, “We had a small radio in the high school, in the class homeroom and we all gathered around and listened to it.”

“It was very silent and nobody knew what to say.”

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The now 96-year-old says he wanted to take the oath to fight for his country.

“We knew we were needed to serve in the military to protect our country.”

Both men served their country during WWII. Carter saying, “December 7th has always had significance, every year since.”

Pearl Harbor, the day that changed everything, Brantley saying, “The few of us that survived it are blessed to just be here.”

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