Devils Cross Roads in Newberry County is just one place you may not want to travel through on Halloween.

"We've had our scary stories as long as we have been humanity," says Ernie Shealy. He is the curator of the Newberry County Museum and a local historian.

Shealy says, "Scary stories are part of our culture, and they are something we need to remember and preserve."

Even though Devils Cross Roads is included on a number of maps, the intersection has been forgotten by many in the area.

"I've never heard of that. I've been here my whole life," says Newberry County Sheriff Lee Foster. "I always participated in a little bit of fun, but I've never heard of Devils Cross Roads."

Shealy says, "I suspect that it was Devils Cross Roads because there has almost always been a tavern there. In the 19th century it was Blackjack Cross Roads. There was a Blackjack tavern and it was kind of notorious."

If that spot is not spooky enough, Shealy says there is Cry Baby Bridge nearby. The bridge has been the root of numerous stories and folklore.

"The story is usually the same or similar. Either an unwanted child is thrown from the bridge or flood waters carry a child away, and late at night you can hear the child crying," says Shealy.

He also says there is an area in Newberry County called Zombieland. Shealy said, "Someone who had seen one too many zombie movies thought that since it had so many altar tombs, the bodies must be getting up there all the time, and it simply acquired the name Zombieland."

Sheriff Foster warns if your plans do include visiting one of these so-called haunted areas, you better obey the law.

Foster says, "People want to vandalize those old places. As far as me, if you vandalize that stuff, you don't have to worry about law enforcement, you've got to worry about the zombies."

Devils Cross Roads is recognized on many maps, but the other areas have just been called those names through the years.

There are a few other Halloween-named areas in the state. Pumpkintown is in Pickens County and Spiderweb is in Aiken County.