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Thousands descend upon Columbia for State Fair, South Carolina vs. Texas A&M

This Saturday was a particularly busy one, bringing thousands to the fairgrounds and to tailgate lots.

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Many searching for parking and tailgating spots in Columbia had a tough time on Saturday as two major events - South Carolina gameday and the SC State Fair - unfolded mere yards from one another. 

And many just found themselves sitting in traffic.

"It's a Saturday in South Carolina," said John Curreri of the crowds near Williams Brice Stadium.

In this case, however, it was a particularly busy one, bringing thousands to the fairgrounds and to tailgate lots.

The result: many people sitting in traffic seeing red - a lot of red in the form of stop lights. 

"It's pretty bad and slow. It's been about 45 minutes," said Amy Town. 

Others opted out of sitting in their cars and decided to get their steps in to avoid the wait times. 

"We walked about maybe half a mile and maybe another have to go to get to our tailgate spot," said Marco Garcia.

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Another dilemma people found throughout the day was the changing of tailgating locations since those who typically celebrate the Gamecocks from the fairgrounds had to relocate to make sure there was enough parking for both events. 

At least some, though, were undeterred.

"It wasn't that bad, we're not too far from where we normally are," Mark West said. "We're just across the street, but we did have to leave early."

"It's definitely smaller, it's more narrow," Zachary Proffit said. "But, I mean, as far as getting into this spot itself, not bad. It took us probably less time to get into here than to get into over there."

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The weekend full of events brought people from as far away as Charleston, Atlanta, and even France to see what Columbia had to offer. 

"The food was great, tasting the new food from America, and just walking around to see the animals was cool too," Maxime Saintmartin, who is visiting from France, said.

For Brett Berman from Charleston, the two events were the perfect combination.

"The fair with the family and the Gamecocks, what more do you need," he said. "The weather is great, the sky is blue, the turkey legs are big, and the children are smiling what more do you need." 

For many, it was a day that was full of waiting - but also worth it. 

"If you do come, just enjoy yourself and be safe," Shaniece Moore said. 

The final day of the Fair is Sunday from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. 

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