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'We are truly blessed' Food vendors at State Fair happy to be back in business

With the coronavirus pandemic cancelling many events in 2020, some food vendors are getting a chance to open up for the first time this year thanks to the fair.

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Food vendors are excited to be back in business at the South Carolina State Fair with many of their previous events being canceled due to the coronvarius pandemic.

Many people come to the state fair to enjoy exhibits, rides, games and food. This year looks a lot different because of COVID-19.

Organizers put a drive through state fair together to make it safe for families and staff to enjoy. This includes a portion of the fair where families can drive through and check out animals, art and many other exhibits. There's also another section for fair food.

Melinda Mitchell, who comes to the fair every year, says she was looking forward to getting her favorite foods. 

"I came out to get some food," Mitchell says. "I love the Italian Sausages and I think this is the safest way to have a little bit of fun this year." 

One of the hardest hit from the pandemic is food vendors. Many of the businesses rely on big events such as fairs to make their profit for the year.

Food vendors like Clifford Daley, who's the owner of Daley's, are excited to see people at the South Carolina State Fair.

"Listen, we are truly blessed by God above," said Daley. "It hurt us. We do over 15 major events. All of them got cancelled and the state fair here didn't let this COVID-19 beat them."

With the coronavairus cancelling most events, vendors here at the state fairgrounds say they're grateful to have the opportunity to serve famous fair food to the people of South Carolina.

David Johnson, another vendor, says he's happy the state fair found a way to make it happen this year.

"It means a lot to us. Obviously people in our business are less fortunate, some people haven't worked at all. A lot of people, everything has been shut down as everyone knows," said Johnson. "For them to go through the process and the work that it takes to put something like this on, the South Carolina State Fair has done a great job this year."

If you want to come out and get your favorite food, the South Carolina State Fair Food area will be open Tuesday, October 20th to Saturday, October 24th from 10 am - 8 pm. For more information, click here.

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