Columbia, SC (WLTX) - Richland County Council is still unsure about the specifics of the proposed Richland 911 Center.

The project was tacked onto the $144 million Richland Renaissance plan, which is currently on hold as council members sort out the specifics.

"Everyone agrees that the 911 center is a priority," says Councilman Greg Pearce, Richland County Council.

The idea of splitting the Columbia/Richland County 911 communications center came about last year, when Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott called for changes.

"As I understand it there are some communication difficulties with getting the information to the first responders and I believe our equipment is in need of updating," says Councilman Pearce. "The present system is operating, it's not dysfunctional, but I just think the plan is to have a more efficient updated system."

While the Richland Renaissance is on hold, council members agreed to move forward with the center and a new emergency operations center.

Earlier this year, Chief Roxana Meetze was hired to oversee the new 911 center. Since there are still hurdles to get over before the center is opened, Chief Meetze is working directly with the county to develop policy and procedure, work on logistics, Standard Operating Procedures and in-house training for the new center.

As for where the 911 center will go, Councilman Pearce says they have space within the Columba Mall. How much will the renovations cost and when will it be completed are still unclear.