Lexington County, SC (WLTX) — A missing pet tortoise is back where he belongs with a little help from Lexington County deputies.

Deputies say they, along with a Good Samaritan, rescued the not-so-little guy after finding him off of Fish Hatchery Road Road.

Well, now, the beloved pet is back home with his owners, who couldn't be happier about the reunion!

According to the San Diego Zoo, the sulcata tortoise -- also called spurred tortoise or African spur thigh tortoise -- is a popular pet throughout the United States. And, while they are super cute as babies, the zoo says they grow quickly, often growing extremely large.

In fact, the tortoise is the largest mainland tortoise, easily reaching 30 inches in length and well over 100 pounds in heft. Some males even reach 200 pounds, according to the zoo.