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'I just want to help bunnies!': 4-year-old's donation of five quarters grows into much more for rabbit rescue

More than $1,500 was raised in 48 hours to help save bunnies in South Carolina, and it all started with five quarters from a 4-year-old.

COLUMBIA, S.C. — A Columbia 4-year-old made a big impact when she donated five quarters to a rabbit rescue. 

Emma Nance was mourning the loss of her pet rabbit 'Tink,' while cleaning out her other rabbit's enclosure with her mom, Jenny. 

Jenny gave Emma $3 in quarters to save, share and spend. What happened next is a testament to human kindness. 

“It’s just one of those things that you could never plan, but it’s so beautiful when it happens," Jenny Nance told News 19. 

Emma asked her mom to give 5 quarters, $1.25, to Bunny Brigade SC (BBSC), a rabbit rescue in the Upstate. 

“I had a Venmo notification and it was a donation to the Bunny Brigade, and it was for $1.25," recalls founder of BBSC, Katie Elliott. "So, I was like, hmm ... every bit counts. That’s cute! And then I read the note that was on the donation and it said ‘from Emma,’ and then in parentheses, it said ‘four years old’ and I was like ‘that’s so cute, that’s so precious!’”

Katie posted this donation to their Facebook page and, before she knew it, Emma’s donation had gone up over 1,000%!

“Uhhh ... lots of money came!" Emma told us. 

Katie says, “People just loved it. That single act of generosity by a four-year-old took off and it went viral.”

After 48 hours, over $1,500 was raised to help save bunnies in South Carolina.

“As a parent, there’s nothing that you hope for more than an opportunity to show your child that even small acts done from your heart can have a big impact," Jenny says. 

Emma is now listed as a team member with Bunny Brigade and will be visiting them this weekend.

Need something else to smile about? Because of Emma’s fund, Bunny Brigade was able to take in a rabbit who will now receive full care and a new home.

“I want to save all of the animals!” Emma told us. She hopes to grow up to be an 'animal doctor.' 

To learn more about BBSC and what they do for rabbits, visit their website here.