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A major recreation project could be in the works for Kershaw County

Council hopes to have this on their agenda at their next meeting on March 14th

KERSHAW COUNTY, S.C. — A new facility to bring ball games, and additional recreation options, could be in the works for Kershaw County. 

"Parks and Rec in Kershaw County have kinda been left behind if you look at surrounding counties or other counties with a similar population. We do not have a tournament facility where we can host tournaments, where our leagues can play inside the county," says Katie Guinn, Kershaw County Council chairwoman. 

Council was approached with an offer to completely change the landscape of Woodward Park. 

The presentation from The Kershaw County Health Services District says they would provide $2M, while M-U-S-C would provide $3M in order to expand the park and put forth a recreation center, but they are asking the county to match the $5 million dollars in total and to make a decision within 90 days.

"We haven't concentrated on making a tournament facility place, so the time is now to do that, there is a real interest in the community, there is a need in the community. From an economic standpoint, this will help offset the taxpayer cost of the facility. There is a lot of research out there on the economic impact of a 3-day long tournament on the weekend so that's also intriguing," adds Guinn. 

A change that some residents would like to see. 

"I think it would be good for the community, give the kids more to do and get them off the streets," says Kershaw county resident, Shannon Hyman. 

But if the council decides to move forward…. Guinn says they have a few more steps left to take…and a previous rendering to look over.

"They did get them drawn up that was before I was in office, and I would expect this county council to get a second opinion anyway, we're gonna start from I don't wanna say the beginning, cause there has been a lot of work done before this but, will start the discussion, then vote, then the planning process and not just take what was previously looked at," Guinn adds. 

Council hopes to have this on their agenda at their next meeting on February 28th, which takes place at 5:30 pm at the Kershaw County Government Center. 

She also says the council is working on other Parks and Recreation options in their budget outside of Woodward Park. 

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