ORANGEBURG, S.C. — With class back in session in Orangeburg county many students need a place to go after school.

The area Boys and Girls club after school program is back up and running. 

The program is for students ages 6-18. 

The club picks students up from school and they arrive back at their specific Boys and Girls location the fun is on. 

Program members can participate in multiple activities such as puzzles, games along with arts and crafts. 

"We found that especially around the hours of 3-7 p.m. kids are idol" says Leosha Prioleau, Orangeburg area Boys and Girls club staff member, "That's usually when a lot of mischief is being caused so you know we open our doors to the community and we just want this to be a very fun, safe environment where the kids are among their peers and they're just getting to know one another."  

After school program takes place Monday through Friday at four different Boys and Girls club locations in Orangeburg. 

Parents and/or guardians can register in person at one of the locations or register online here.